1. Don’t be afraid to get hurt. Live!


    Be honest with yourself and others. Have the courage to be bold. Be open. Get hurt. When you are honest and open and brave there is nothing to fear because failure is not failure. Even if you fail in front of the whole world it’s not scary because you are honest. You admit it. Own it. Laugh about it. Cry about it. Embrace it and then learn from it. /


  2. 1 dress, 3 ways!

    I’m back!! (oh the excitement)

         Sadly, I’m not California bound, I’m living it up in Montreal, Canada, city of the St-Lawrence. I mean, I love it here, don’t get me wrong… I’m just not feeling the weather.  I woke up this morning and it was cold, and raining, and snowing, and hailing (Yes, I said hailing). Sorry but I didn’t have the guts to go outside and shoot the two forthcoming styles I was anticipating. However I did manage to come up with something. My growing sense of “débrouillardise” lead me to “1 dress, 3ways”. Enjoy xx 


    Dress -Tobi, Booties&Necklace&Leather jacket -Zara Over-The-Knee-Socks& Beanie -American Apparel



                                  Denim -Zara, Booties -Pacsun


                                                 Heels -Zara



  3. Beautiful Skin

    Don’t be so harsh on your skin, my mommy says: you should never put on your face what you wouldn’t put in your mouth…

    For example, instead of using a makeup remover that includes all sorts of chemicals just simply use Olive oil.

    Change your hydrating skin routine. Before bed apply all natural sea buckthorn oil and in the morning a sea buckthorn hydrating day cream. Sea buckthorn products do wonders for your skin.  

    Now I know nobody in their right mind would ever eat soap…but you still have to wash your face morning and night.Instead of using scrubs and soaps with harsh products, just use a natural hydrating bar soap and get clean knowing your skin isn’t subjected to any chemicals. I personally have been using the Dove hydrating bar soap for years and highly recommend it. 

    Good luck xxx


  4. What I’d Wear

    • American Apparel Ridding pants:74$
    • Michael Kors vest: 195$ 
    • Tory Burch suede Reva ballet flats: 235$ (easy to get replicas)
    •  Tory Burch Envelope Clutch: 295$ (doesn’t have to be a Tory creation)

  5. Prom Outfit

    A tint of red lipstick and that’s all she said.

    Prom 2013.


  6. Tips and Tricks to Save your Money

    Sometimes it is so hard to explain why branded clothes are so expensive. Although often a price difference usually reflects the quality of the fabric and the accuracy of the edges, more often than not, you will be paying a higher amount of money just for the image the brand has made for itself. Keep in mind that an expensive brand doesn’t always mean an expensive value. It is also already known that all the money in the world couldn’t buy the sense of style. Therefore, even if you spend lots of money on branded clothes it doesn’t mean that you are very well dressed. Staying fashionable doesn’t necessarily mean investing lots of money. For this you just need to know a few tips and tricks that will make you look stylish with inexpensive clothes. You can easily make a less expensive piece of clothing look more stylish. In order to add style, the quality of the fabric is essential. If a clothing item is made from a cheap materiel it can easily be seen. You should really consider more natural fabrics. Avoid buying clothes that contain more than 20% synthetics, buy cotton, linen and silk instead and please avoid shiny fabrics. I know it can be quite a bit of a handful, but I strongly recommend you hand wash all of your clothing, it will definitely help them keep looking new.

    You should really consider investing in accessories like; shoes, handbags, belts and jewellery. Every girl should have at least one leather bag and shoes. You can always find a way to add a silk scarf or a good watch, for example, to any outfit. And it’s FUN, don’t see it as a task. Please don’t spend your money on basic items. There are a few classic pieces that are not worth spending on. You can wear them with very stylish accessories and you can match them with other pieces in order to create a desired look. Put your creativity to the test and mix cheaper pieces with pricier ones. A beautiful and unique style means knowing how to mix and match less simple items with more simple ones

    I highly suggest you take from a bit of your time and money to invest in sewing lessons. I assure you that in the long run you will save money and will be very pleased with all that you can do after a few basic classes. You can add a bit of glitz and glam to your wardrobe just by changing a few buttons on your shirts or your dresses. Buy buttons of different shapes and sizes, and apply them on your favourite shirt. You can also go ahead and apply a few sequins to your old dresses and you’ll instantly get a versatile effect.

    Good luck to all xxxA.


  7. Day 1.

    So this morning I went to get my new juicer in order to begin my cleansing, sadly, today I didn’t consume any juice but lots of fruits and veggies.

    Pineapple for breakfast.


    A Scone, I just had to… This whole “changing my lifestyle to eat just vegan , raw and healthy foods will def. be one of the toughest challenges for me thus far.

    A yogurt. Not vegan either, I know, but having to cut dairy from my diet makes no sense to me whatsoever, maybe after my lesson this weekend I might change my mind but for now I’m not convinced.

    Unsalted soda crackers…no comment.

    For supper I had; carrots, celery sticks and tomatoes mixed in balsamic vinegar. I had an apple for desert.

    Tomorrow’s shopping day AND, finally, the beginning of my 3 day juicing cleanse!! I will surely keep you posted on how everything goes, to get an even better take on my experience follow me on instagram @alexastpierre!

    Goodnight OX.A.



  8. Chapter 2013, Page 1 of 365.

    I’ve been much anticipating a fresh start for 2013. Why wait for the beginning of a new year for change? I honestly don’t know. I guess it just makes it that much more motivating to expect a change in your lifestyle for the next 365 days. I have a pretty big list of resolutions. For starters, I will be working on my relationships.

    I will properly show the people that love me and care about me how much I appreciate them being a part of my life and make them feel very much loved.

    Secondly, I will finally be using my subscription at the Gym, which includes nice yoga lessons.

    Last but not least, this will have to be the biggest change yet, I will slowly start to adopt a raw vegan alimentation. I am actually having someone over this weekend to follow a course on that new life style, can’t wait! I also love Juicing, in fact, I am hopping on a cleansing journey these next 3days which involves only drinking Juiced fruits and veggies. You can follow me on Instagram @alexastpierre to keep up with the yummy drinks I’ll be making.

    Cheers to a New Year, I wish you the very best; lots of success, happiness and health.





  9. Burt’s bees love

    Burt’s bees, nothing less than wonderful.


  10. Ombre dress , salmon pastel heels

    No clutch, no necklace, no bracelets let the dress and shoes be.